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I am hearing a lot in the news lately about the separation of church and state argument.  Atheists are watching government sites nationwide in an effort to locate, what they would define as, infractions of this policy, while Christians are fighting for the right to display holiday symbols on public lands.  I know the Constitution forbids Congress from passing any law that restricts or promotes the establishment of religion but how does this translate into the current argument over religious displays?  Nobody appears to be trying to pass a law through Congress so whats the beef?  I get that Atheists don’t want religion forced on them but their argument citing the above portion of the Constitution does not seem to apply here.  5000 Christians in Athens TX and the leadership at Travis AFB, CA seem to think not.  Would love some feedback on this one folks.

It must suck to be an Athiest and never get to experience the moment where your proven right.  I mean you die and then there is nothing…  At least if your a Christian and your right then you can say “See!  I told ya so!

Kim Jong IL died yesterday, that is the third evil tyrant (I am counting Bin Laden and Ghaddafi) to die in the last few months, so the saying “it comes in threes” seems to be accurate again. I wonder if the fact that his son, Kim Jr., is replacing him as illustrious potentate disqualifies him from completing the trifecta?  Right now Kim Jong is being greeted by Satan, Osama and Mohmar and thinking to himself “Damn, those stinking Christians were right”.

If you haven’t heard yet, My favorite NFL team the Kansas City Chiefs, ended Green Bay’s undefeated season yesterday.  I watched the entire game and can attest that the Packers looked terrible and the Chiefs looked, at times, like the undefeated team Green Bay was supposed to be.  Next week things will return to normal and KC will lose by 50 to the Raiders.

What do you call people who think selling guns to drug cartels is bad?  Racists, at least if your the Attorney General you do.

So, according to Joe Biden the Taliban isn’t our enemy. Then, who is?

Looking at the actions of the Obama administration, here are my candidates:

  • Jewish people in Israel.  Those living in the US are cool because they often vote Democrat.
  • White Conservatives
  • Black Conservative
  • Brown Conservative
  • People who like nativity scenes
  • Republicans that support Ron Paul
  • Republicans that don’t support Ron Paul
  • Libertarians
  • States that try to pass immigration laws
  • Fox News
  • A little bit of ABC News
  • Anyone making enough money to not live off of government support
  • You, simply for reading this

Don’t forget, Obama set up a website to report wrong doing so notify him immediately if you spot any of the above perpetrators.

So Dutch scientists have developed a more virulent version of the bird flu.  Really, I don’t make this stuff up.  The original version just didn’t kill enough people so the Dutch thought it would be a great idea to figure out how to make it deadlier.  What’s next guys, you gonna research how to actually make the Zombie Apocalypse happen?

Speaking of the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA for short) if Obama gets reelected next year I am considering the purchase of an old Titan II missile Silo in SW Oklahoma.  There is actually a website (several of them) where you can view silos for sale.  Prices range from several hundred thousands into the millions.   Considering how terrible the country would be after an Obama reelection, I think this is a prudent step.