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1.  Open Carry law passed in Oklahoma while California discusses ban on open carry of long guns in addition to current ban on handguns.  Talk about one topic that defines the differences between states.  Here’s another.  Oklahoma legislature discussing ways to reduce or eliminate state income tax while Gov Brown of CA talks about billions in tax increases.  Where would you rather live?  To me, no amount of coastline makes up for that kind of liberal craziness.

2.  Here’s a good one, there is a new White House website that offers financial advice to children.  Nope, not making this up, they really did it.  Here’s a link about the story:    I especially like to one about paying off the balance of your credit card every month… lulz!

3.  Random thought borrowed from Frank J’s website:  Romney spends his money on cool things. Obama spends my money on sucky things.  Dave approves this message!

4.  So after losing to the Oklahoma Thunder in 5 games, Ron Artest (now know as Meta World-Peace) gave a post series news conference interview to TNT wherein he said the Lakers were the better team. In a similar case of “I’ve-lost-my-mindedness”, Larry Flynt stated that Obama has done a marvelous job and has over-performed.  Maybe they shared a tainted cup of Koolaid and lost their minds simultaneously.

5.  If Obama ran a lemonade stand:

a) Government union workers construct the lemonade stand. Construction takes three years, and comes in at just over 2 million dollars… more than twice the projected amount.

  b) Obama is not part of the union, so he can’t work in his own stand. AFL-CIO goons picket the stand before it opens and threaten people in the neighborhood.

  c) DC police start including the stand in their daily patrols – not to protect anyone from the union goons but to close the stand down because they insist he gets food permits.

  d) Environmentalists picket the unopened stand because it’s made of wood, and some cry for the trees that were cut down to supply the wood for the stand.

  e) College students sit around the stand, while others attempt to set it on fire, as the stand represents “capitalism” and they plan to “Occupy” it.

  f) Two years later, after Obama finally does the government-required studies and buys the required permits, and hires a union worker to serve the lemonade, the lemonade must sell for $100 per glass to make a profit.

  g) Stand closes next day.

  h) Obama learns nothing.

6. President Obama won the Arkansas Democratic primary 58% – 42%!!!  Pretty good margin unless you consider that he ran unopposed.  (This one is for my Nephew Nicholas)

7. My daughter Meagan graduates from High School this Saturday!  That’s two down and one more teenager to go… whew!  Congratulations sweetie!  Your designer luggage will be delivered tomorrow, be sure to pack lots of clean underwear.

8.  Elizabeth Warren is 1/32 gay superhero.

9.  Coolest T-shirt seen in the last week:  “Guns don’t kill people!  It’s mostly the bullets.”

10.  Here’s a shout out and a silent prayer for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  To all the members of the United States armed services who gave their lives so we could enjoy freedom, I thank you.

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