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Ten Things #5

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ten things that irritate me this week:

President Obama quoting the Bible in an effort to convince the country that god wants him to raise taxes on rich people.  Maybe he should look for scripture that talks about not coveting thy neighbor’s property, or not murdering unborn children.  Here’s a good one, “Thy shalt not bare false witness”!  While many passages from the Bible are subject to interpretation, my personal favorite is not; “Thy shalt not be a dumb ass”!

Republican Candidates for President.  While it’s true that I believe that any of the candidates would make a better President than Obama, none of them excite me to the point where I would get in an argument with another Republican about who is the better candidate.  They all have ideas or qualities that I like but they also all have ideas and qualities I don’t care for so much.  Mostly though, I am frustrated by the lack of a candidate that can clearly articulate the conservative platform in a way that makes me want to stand up and cheer.  I think Reagan was the last President that made me do that.  Maybe we should all get behind an Eric Cartman for President movement.

Automatic phone menu systems.  When is the last time you called your bank and a person answered the phone?  I can’t remember either.  I was seconds away from throwing my phone the other day when I tried to call the bank about some charges on my debit card.  Let me hear an “Amen” if this has happened to you!  I would transfer all my business to any bank that would do away with those systems and just pay someone to take my call and assist me with my issue.

People who say that giving money to Planned Parenthood is not supporting abortion because they separate the funding.  Look up the word “Fungible” some time.  There is such a big stink going on because the Susan Koman foundation pulled it’s funding from Planned Parenthood.  I say good for you!  I am all for saving boobies, which is what the Koman foundation is all about.  However, knowing that my donation might make it’s way to PP and the death of a baby made me think twice about a donation.  For about 2 days I didn’t  have to worry and then they reversed their decision after pressure from 26 liberal members of Congress.  The Komen foundation is a private organization after all and they can make this call without having to justify it to anyone except those who donate to their foundation.  Incidentally, their donations increased 100% in the two days after they announced the decision to pull funding from PP.  Good job suckering all those folks into a donation and then reversing field.  I would demand my donation back had I made one.  Guess I have to look elsewhere for a charity that doesn’t support baby killing.

Iranian Saber Rattling.  Do those yahoos really believe that they can win a military conflict with the USA?  Seriously… I mean c’mon dudes.  I wish there were a video game for war like the NFL and NCAA games where you can match any team you want against any other team and see who wins.  Or you can create a super team with real or made up players.  All the players have ratings from 1 – 100 with 100 being the best.  My made up football team was full of players with ratings of 98 and up.  I never lost, heck I never even got scored on.  That’s how it would be if we had a war with Iran, even after Obama gets done slicing up our military.  All our “players” are 99s and Iran is fill of “players” in the 55 – 65 range.  Go ahead Persians, feed your speed boats into the meat grinder we call the US Navy and let’s see what the final score is.  Prediction; 70 – 3 the US Military.

Reality TV.  This has gotten completely out of control!  When there are four shows just about repo men then you know we have reached the end of times.  I mean really, “Lizard Lick Towing”?  Also, when the Khardasians can have not one but three TV shows then I know it’s time to shut the stupid TV off for good.  The one I did like was “Pawn Stars” but then all the copy cat shows came out and it got ridiculous.  Hardcore Pawn is the worst but there are other violators out there as well.  My personal “Most Hated” show is Jersey Shore.  Everyone else in my house thinks it’s the greatest show ever; all I see is a bunch of idiots getting drunk, talking crap and having sex with everything that moves.  The girls on that show are ugly, the guys are so focused on themselves that nothing else can penetrate their thick skulls.  They better hope that show lasts a long time because they are singularly unfit for any meaningful career outside of professional sex maniac, tan freak drunken moron.  Oh wait, I forgot politics, they would be great at that too.

The National Labor Relations Board.  Better known as the PR firm for organized labor.  Staffed with democratic appointees and former union bosses, this power hungry group sets about dismantling anything resembling fair work practices and instead, does its level best to ensure unions have a way to stick it to the business community.  This would naturally lead to a whole other blog on unions but I will stop short of a tirade and leave it at this.  NLRB, if you want to kill businesses and drive the economy further into the dirt, then keep doing what you are doing.

The Tax Code.  Do I need to explain?  If you make very little and get some money back at the end of the year then you may think the current system is cool.  What if, instead of having to loan your return amount to the government, they instead let you keep it and you could invest it during the year?  Getting $500 back this year?  Imagine if you bought 20 shares of GE instead of loaning your money to the government for no gain just to have them mail it back to you at the end of the year?  When you look at the amount of your return, do this as well; look at how much you paid the government for the right to hold your cash until February of the following year.  Fair Tax, Flat Tax.. something please besides this silly behemoth of a tax system.

The chair at my computer desk at home.  Stupid thing is losing the hydraulics in the base, every time I sit in it I begin a slow decent as it creeps down to the lowest setting.  I then sit up, pull the lever up to raise it back and then start a new 15 minute session of slow fall.  I love this chair otherwise, so why am I being punished?  Stupid chair.

Number 10 I leave to my readers.  Respond back with what is bugging you this week and I will post the best response next week.  Looking for something about the Superbowl… or maybe something about the police… or squirrels!