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10 Things New Years Edition

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just read that California Governor, Jerry Brown, has proposed raising taxes in that state by 7 billion in order to increase spending.  So, if you happen to be a CA resident I feel for you.  Here is some advice, pack up the car and drive East.  You will find many states just to the East that have lower taxes, higher employment and fewer kooks.  Unfortunately the beaches stay in California, sorry but the state’s one redeeming quality can’t be transported to Utah or Nevada. If they could then no sane person would live in that state.

The BCS National Championship game is on Monday and features Alabama and LSU.  They met earlier in the year and played a yawner of a field goal kicking contest with LSU squeaking it out 9-6.  My prediction; more boring football and who really cares who wins.   I think the Arkansas/Kansas State game tonight will be exciting, more along the lines of the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl and a much better viewing experience than the SEC rematch on Monday.  If your an LSU or Alabama fan; enjoy the field goals. Question of the day; If Bama wins a close game can Oklahoma State make an argument for #1?

The President is proposing to cut half a million troops from our military.  Now I am fairly certain that this proposal will not make it through Congress intact but he may just work through executive order and skip the hassle.    The emperor has shown he doesn’t like to be blocked from implementing what he thinks are the correct actions and policies so he just does them through executive order and recess appointment when Congress isn’t in recess, Constitution be damned.  I mean, Consumer Financial Protection is much more important than the Constitution, right?  Also, imagine what half a million new job seekers will mean to the current economy and the unemployment rates.  Who pays for federal unemployment?  You do.  The one part of his plan I do agree with is the new focus on operations in Asia VS Europe and the Middle East.

Take this with a grain of salt since I read it on “The Blaze” but it appears Keith Olberman is on the outs with the executives at his new network, Current TV.  Ratings are down and Keith is notoriously difficult to work with so this comes as no surprise.  His 14 viewers will be terribly disappointed if he has to move to Telamundo.  He is a pretty smart fella though, arrogant but intelligent none the less. Remember when he was on ESPN and everyone loved him?  Not so much now.

So Chevy is recalling 8000 Volts because they catch on fire.  Question of the Day #2; they sold 8000 Volts?

Michelle Bachman is out of the Republican race now, thank god.  Now if we can just get Ron Paul to go away we will be set.  Still not sure who I will vote for, wish Chris Christie was running.  Is it me or does Michelle have crazy eyes?

I have been watching videos on Youtube that show “Rights Activists” wearing firearms in open carry states to see if the police harass them.  It’s surprising how many policemen don’t know the law in their own state and even more surprising how many had no regard for these folks constitutional rights.  I don’t just mean 2nd amendment rights either; saw one video where they detained a guy just because they wanted to identify him due to his openly carrying a firearm in a state that allows open carry.  Police do not have the right to detain you if they don’t have reasonable suspicion that you committed an offense.  Think I will watch this one for a while.

I think I have become somewhat OCD in my old age.  I get uncomfortable around clutter and in my house with teenagers, that is a daily occurrence.   I find myself cleaning or telling my kids to clean and if it doesn’t get done in a short amount of time then I start to freak out.  It seems worse since we moved into this little house while we try to sell the place in Texas, very small house compared to what we are used to.  All I know is, if you leave a soda can in my living room, you are gonna catch holy heck!

I have been playing the new MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic, or SWTOR for short.  I play a Sith Empire Bounty Hunter named Ishmael Lightsbane and he is one bad dude.  Still trying to figure out if I like this game a lot or if I just like it.  Definitely a fun game and I look forward to reaching end game content sometime soon.  I filled my “Ignore” list in about three days but that is standard for MMOs.  I have a low tolerance for chat channel idiots.  Interested to hear if others have tried this game and what their opinion is.  So, if you tried it out, let me know what you think.

Plans for 2012:  Cara and I will be on a serious savings spree in order to put away enough for a down payment on a new house.  It looks like we will be keeping the Texas house for a while since it finally rented last month.  Add in the house in Stillwater we rent to KC and Joel and we have turned into slum  Meagan will graduate from South Moore High School this year and Zak will hit the big 16 in May.  My mother-in-law Valerie is here for a few months, always good to have Val in town as it keeps the girls (Cara and Rae) in line.  I have set a fairly ambitious goal at work to increase our productive guard hours by $5 million in 2012.  Gonna take some work but I feel confident we can do it.  Finally, I resolve to spend more time with my wife.  We missed each other a lot this last year due to odd schedules but I am committed to spending more quality time with her in 2012.  If I can just stop playing that stupid Star Wars game that is… wish me luck.