Ten Things #2

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been over 950 days since the Senate passed a budget!  The last Democrat to put a budget up for vote was President Obama in February; it failed 97-0.  Meanwhile the President says Congress should not go home for the holidays: “Now is the time to step on the gas, not slam on the brakes,” Obama said today in his weekly radio and Internet address. “Unfortunately, too many Republicans in Congress don’t seem to share that same sense of urgency.”  Then he got on a plane to Hawaii for a vacation.

Oklahoma State University landed a severe body blow to the OU Sooners Saturday in the annual Bedlam game.  They came out swinging and never stopped hitting them until the final whistle blew.  Then the BCS landed a cheap shot to the Cowboys by ranking them 3rd and denying them the opportunity to play for a national title in favor of Alabama.  Yes that Alabama, the one that already lost, at home, to the same team (LSU) they will play in the championship.  Anyone want to watch a 9-6 rematch?  Not me.

New NCAA rule:  If neither team scores a touchdown then Oklahoma State is champion by default.

Fact:  bread pudding is the greatest dessert ever created, especially with raisins and caramel sauce.

I tried a new headache medicine in my quest for a pain reliever that stops migraines.  The latest applicant is Excedrine Tension Headache Gels.  So far they have stopped several budding ass-kickers.  So, if you suffer from bouts of severe pain in your head that resemble a pound of glass shards crammed into your eye sockets, try them out.

Unemployment is down to 8.6%!  What’s that?  Because 315,000 people gave up looking for work and dropped off the books?  Damn, and there I thought we had something going.  They gotta rework that whole system for listing the unemployment rate, darn current system is whackadoodle.  Almost fooled me into thinking that Obama going on vacation actually helped.

Newt is now leading the Polls in the Republican race to face off against Obama next year.  Who was the last Speaker of the House elected President?  James Polk.  Didn’t he start a war with Mexico?  Sweet, let’s elect Newt and try that one again. This time if we win, they have to take back California.   If they balk at taking just California we can throw in New York City.

My list of things to request for Christmas:  1…. I got nothing here… uh… no… wait… um… ah whatever!

Gun Safety Tip of the Week:  Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction; such as at a communist or a hippie.

Watching the New Orleans VS Detroit game Sunday it hit me; the NFC championship game will be the Superbowl this year.  No team from the AFC is even remotely as good as NO, GB or SF.  Baltimore, New England and Pittsburgh would all put up a fight but I foresee a crushing defeat for whomever shows up from the AFC.  Of course if we did it the BCS way we could have a Green Bay VS New Orleans NFC championship followed by the Superbowl with Green Bay and New Orleans.  (For those SF fans, feel free to insert your team here in place of New Orleans)

  1. On Your National Championship post I would like to say that it would be more like GB vs NO and then GB against someone who was 3rd in their conference…like GB vs the Redskins.

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