Ten Things I Think

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I Think:

1.  The federal government suing states to stop them from trying to deal with their massive immigration issues by passing legislation, is dumb, dumb, dumb.  If Congress can’t get off it’s ass and deal with this issue then they should abdicate to the states and let them save themselves from this mess.  Arizona, Utah and Alabama are currently being targeted by the Justice Department in a shameful display of arrogance and callous disregard for the problems facing these state’s residents.

2.  The whole Jimmy Fallon band calling Bachman a bitch issue is a non-event.  Non of Fallon’s eleven viewers knew what the song was until the drummer told them anyway so who cares.

3.  The “who will be the VP nominee” game is about to begin.

4.  Cranberry sauce is an odd food that I simply love.  The question I face is similar to the peanut butter one, chunky or smooth?

5.  I love that there will be 3 NFL games and a college game this Thanksgiving.  The good news is that all the pro games appear to be actual contests.  The perennial basement dweller, Detroit, is pretty darn good this year.

6.  My daughter KC will tell you there is no way Detroit beats Green Bay tomorrow but I am thinking they may be ripe for their first loss.  Fortunately I am under no pressure to be correct here and I am not betting any money on this game.

7.  The odds that Egypt has a free and legal election that results in a working government within the next year is close to zero.  The rules the military government set up for elections appear to be aimed at creating as much chaos as possible.

8.  South Park is still the funniest show on TV.  Sons of Anarchy however is the best show on TV.  Clay got shot!  By Opie!  Damn!

9.  The day before a holiday seems to go by extremely slow.  Anybody with me on that one?

10.  The OSU cowboys have two full weeks to stew on their loss to Iowa State before they play OU in the Bedlam game.  They are gonna be ticked off and on fire.  Prediction; OSU 56 – OU 21



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