A short holiday week, yeeehaw

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

In honor of the short work-week I am submitting an abbreviated version of my blog for your consideration.

Raise your hand if you are surprised that the so-called “Super Committee” failed to come to an agreement.  If you raised your hand then smack yourself.

Nancy Pelosi says she wants to do for Daycare what she did for Healthcare.  I say to Nancy, “leave my babies alone!”  I suppose we can all copy the California model where you have to pay your sitter minimum wage and you have to provide a relief babysitter for your primary sitters mandatory breaks.  But hey, if Nancy gets her way it will be paid for by the government anyway; so what if we have to hike the taxes another trillion.

I watched the video of the UC Davis “pepper spray” incident and came away thinking that this is a whole lot of ado about absolutely nothing.  Faced with protesters who are violating the local law and must be moved, the police have a couple of options, none of which are good.

  • Ignore them and do nothing.  This will result in complaints that you “did nothing” and you get fired.  You do however get to collect overtime for standing around all day doing nothing.
  • Use physical apprehension to remove the protestors.  This most often results in the policemen or the protestors (or both) getting hurt.  And not pretend hurt like with pepper spray. Oh yeah, and you get sued.
  • Water cannons, lots of water cannons.  People get hurt and again, not pretend hurt.  The downside is that people eventually dry off.
  • Pepper spray them.  This works, believe me it works.  The pain is intense but does no real damage so this qualifies as pretend hurt.

With these options available I say the police made the correct choice.

Watching this weeks college football with extreme interest.  I want to see how the BCS rankings turn out while my team has a bye week.  And then it’s BEDLAM!

I have a massive turkey for Thursday, looking forward to that delicious smell as it cooks all day.  I wonder how many turkey sandwiches is too many?  5?  Then comes the mandatory nap followed by football…perfect.

Funny t-shirt of the day:  “Guns carry Chuck Norris for protection.”


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