Thanksgiving Day is coming edition

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since it’s almost Thanksgiving  I am going to list some things I am thankful for:

  • My lovely wife Cara and my kick ass kids KC, Meagan, and Zakary.  You guys make my life interesting, exciting and complete.
  • My brothers and sisters, even though you all live at the four corners of the earth and nobody ever comes to visit me.  (Gary you get a pass for visiting me in Texas)
  • My Mom Sue and my Dad George, god bless you for putting up with me and the a fore mentioned siblings as we did everything in our power to drive you insane.
  • Howard and Sandy for putting up with my parents… well done you two.
  • My mother-in-law Valerie.  Val you can make me laugh when nobody else can and for that I say “cheers”!
  • My grand babies, although babies may be incorrect since you are growing like weeds.  Stop it.
  • My son-in law Joel for giving me the best grand babies ever.
  • OSU football for helping me get through the week with the knowledge that you would be there every Saturday to play like champs.
  • My boss Louis for giving me a job in Oklahoma that keeps me close to the ones I love even if you don’t pay me enough.
  • President Obama for giving me soooo much material for poking fun.  Ditto to your pal Joe Biden, god that man is funny.
  • The men and women of the US military for serving when others wont.  I include the Coast Guard as I know you sometimes get overlooked but still kick ass.
  • Finally I am thankful to God and little baby Jesus for giving us a great country, great people (yes even Democrats), turkey and stuffing and NFL football.

Now the regular stuff:

I hear some folks think it was wrong for the Bush administration to waterboard suspected terrorists.  They say waterboarding is torture and inhumane, something from the dark ages and not a practice a civilized country would participate in.    I wonder what any terrorist would opt for, given the choice between being waterboarded or obliterated by one of the Obama administration’s drone-fired missiles?  I know what line I would be in… the long one.

You have to wonder what kind of intelligence we could have gathered had we seized and interrogated (call it torture if you like) 10% of the “suspected” terrorists (they didn’t get one of those fancy trials Obama seems so fond of demanding) that Obama ordered incinerated. I mean c’mon, the man will bomb the bejeezus out of someone, and anyone who happens to be standing in a four block radius, but he draws the line at pouring water on their face.  For the record, I am all for the use of drones to kill these vermin but I would appreciate the CIC not being such a hypocrite about it.

So it looks like the OWS trend is starting to fade away, omg thank you!  I am sure the total cost in clean up, lost business and overtime for police and firemen will be significant.  Who do you suppose is going to have to pay for all that?  I will give you one guess.

I propose we make back some of that tax money that will be used to pay for the clean up and overtime by having a lottery.  Sell tickets to the merchants, police, EMTs and firemen who had to deal with these idiots and the winner gets a grand prize.  We can take all the OWS hippies that were arrested over the last month, put them in a parking garage in downtown NYC and give the lottery winner(s) 5,000 paintball rounds and a high-tech paintball gun and let them go to town.

I like that idea so much that I am suggesting we do the same thing for Viet Nam vets and the hippies that protested that war.  Give the vets wet gym towels and let em chase the hippies around naked while they snap them with rolled up wet gym towels.  It’s probably the kids of those 1960’s era hippies that were causing all the ruckus over the last month anyways.  Either way, it would make darn good television.

The President says he is going to delay making a decision on the Keystone pipeline project until after the election in 2012.  This seems at odds with his recent “We can’t wait” rhetoric.

There is a fight brewing in congress over gun rights that has me down right conflicted.  The issue is concealed carry laws and the proposal seeks to allow permit holders to carry concealed in any state if they are licensed in one state.  My conflict is this; I am a firm advocate of the 2nd amendment and enjoy my right to carry concealed in Oklahoma  but I am also a huge advocate of state’s rights and this seems to weaken a state’s right to establish laws.  President Obama has yet to take an official position on the matter… imagine that.

Well my Kansas City Chiefs have lost their starting quarterback for the season.  So far they are without their starting (and probowl) quarterback, running back, tight end, and safety.  They played the first 7 games without their first round draft pick who now gets to catch passes from none other than Tyler Palko, the Chiefs new starting QB.  That’s right, Tyler Palko!  At least we will get a decent draft pick next year.

Did anyone watch the CBS debate and see the exchange between Newt Gingrich and the moderator Scott Pelley regarding the rule of law and terrorists.  Newt gets the “I just pimp slapped you” award of the year for that one.  Pelley looked smug when he started and by the time it was over he looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole.  Newt can be abrasive sometimes but damn is that guy smart.  Despite his, what I will call, off-duty issues, I am liking him more and more in this race.  I haven’t picked my guy yet but he is edging out in front at the moment.  You can watch the exchange here:

Cool T-shirt of the week seen recently:  “MEAT IS MURDER… TASTY, TASTY MURDER!

Alright, I am out folks.  Until next week; Dave’s not home!


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