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Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, here we go!  Lots to talk about and so little time so let’s get started immediately. 

5 cool points to the first person to comment and correctly identify the source of my chosen blog name.  If you get it right you must report for mandatory drug testing tomorrow morning!

I am already tired of all the hubbub about Penn State University and the scandal.  Saturday at the halftime of each game I watched the reporter started off with the score of the Penn State – Nebraska game; like anybody from anywhere outside of those two states gives a crap.  I have started changing the station/channel on my radio/TV each time they start talking about it.  ESPN has become the new TMZ.

While we are on a sporting theme; How about them OSU Cowboys!  10 – 0 for the first time in school history!  Brandon Wheeden better start getting some more Heisman Hype because he makes Andrew Luck look like an 8th grader.

I need a clever idea for a bet with my boss.  He is a big OU Sooner homer and we have a standing bet on the OU/OSU game each year, better known as Bedlam.  Last year the bet was a steak dinner but I want to raise the stakes (no pun intended) on the creative front and come up with something painful and/or embarrassing.  He has already stated he will not wear a OSU jersey so I need some ideas.

So a DC court recently upheld Obama’s healthcare law.  The opinion was basically, “Yeah, it infringes on personal liberty but, eh, that happens.” Maybe we need to add something to the Constitution that emphasizes that individual liberty is important… like some sort of rights bill.

Herman Cain was criticized for calling Nancy Pelosi “Princess” in a recent debate.  Not sure why anyone is upset, that’s much nicer then what most folks call her.  I opt for “The wicked witch of the west”.  A good alternate is “Nancy, I need to be pimp-slapped, Pelosi”.  In fairness to the left I offer up these selections for Rick Perry:  1. RINO, 2. Cowboy and 3…. I can’t think of it… one second… I got nothing.. oops.

Not quite sure what will come out of the “Super Committee” that is working on debt reduction.  The Dems want to raise taxes and the Republicans want to cut spending.  They both talk about compromise but in political speech that means they offer up meaningless changes and then blame the other party for not accepting their gracious move to the center.  My suggestion is that none of these wackos are allowed to collect a paycheck until they come to a solution.  Anybody for a one-term limit on these yahoos?

How about we put a hungry lion in the room with them and lock the doors until they agree on a plan?  Naw, with 6 politicians in the room the poor lion would come out broken, stolen or pregnant.

Quote of the Week:  “Unionizing cops & firefighters was a very clever move by the Democrats. So now whenever there’s a question of cutting taxes, they can trot out this old threat of cutting police and firefighters, and ignore all the other useless unionized bureaucrats in the government.”  Doug Urbanski

I bought the latest “Elder Scrolls” video game “Skyrim” for the PC.  I have to say I am liking it more and more but I wish I had gotten the console version instead of the PC version.  I get frustrated when I can’t run my character straight ahead and look to the side at the same time.  This is an important ability when you are constantly on the swivel for fire-breathing dragons.  It’s a credit to a video game when I actually feel apprehension about the NPC (Non-Player-Character) getting me.  Haven’t really felt that way since DOOM was first out.

That’s it for the first edition of my blog, hope you enjoyed it.  My goal is to put one out each Monday with short filler material during the week.  Please leave a comment if you liked, disliked, or have something you need to get off your chest.  For now though, Dave’s not home.

  1. Russ and Theresa Sawyer says:

    And the answer would be “Cheech and Chong-Up in smoke” As for the idea for the bet, how about a front license plate of the opposing team to be kept in place until the NCAA championship game.

    Russ Sawyer

  2. Al Cook says:

    I’m sick of the Penn State thing also. I guess its ok to forget about the kids who were sexually taken advantage of. Hell the coach is getting off easy by just getting fired. DC court upholding Obamacare is nothing new. Kind of expected that to happen. Calling Pelosi The Whicked Whitch is just way to nice. Thank God I have a Bumper for Obama it says what does OBAMA stand for One Big Ass Mistake America. Anyway like your blog Dave.

  3. Correct!

    I like the license plate idea but I am certain he will lump it in the same category as the jersey idea. I will keep thinking on it.

  4. Ya’ll could put facepaint of the other schools colors on your cheeks… or a magnetic sticker for the car showing your support for the other school!

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